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Watch your favourite drills and plans, even when offline

It's finally ready - we've listened to your feedback and we can't wait to hear what you think about the new Sportplan App. Watch the video below to find out more.

New Sportplan App - for iOS and Android

Using the app you can:

Record and upload your own video drills
- Add notes, share with other coaches, use it in your next coaching plan
Save drills and plans for offline viewing
- Drills and coaching plans opened using your phone are saved to the app
Ask coaching questions on the go
- Ask other coaches for tips on your team's game
Search video drills and animations
- Ideal if you need a warm up idea or game at short notice
Find your house keys
- Sorry, can't help you with that

What you say:

Because the app shares 90% of its DNA with the desktop version of the website, it has the same look, feel and functionality as the Sportplan you already use. You don't need to set up a new account to use it, simply use your same login details to get get started.

Sportplan - the new app
New iPhone and Android apps for Sportplan

We've ironed out the kinks in version 1.01 of the app and, at the time of writing, the latest version is version 2.05. We're adding new features all the time to make the app as fast and easy for you to use as possible.

If you love the app but think something is missing, or isn't working as well as it could do, let us know by:

  • Contacting us at
  • Rate the app and share your feedback
  • Use the feedback form built into the app

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