What is the best way to share playing vocab at this site...

What is the best way to share playing vocab at this site...

...where it will list and describe playing terminology such as shave, tackle-back, steal, forehand.

Ejaz SyedCoach, United States of America
Ejaz SyedCoach, United States of America

...like a Glossary to help us along?

Sportplan TeamAdministrator, United Kingdom

Hi Ejaz, it`s like you`re a mind reader :)

This is in production at the moment, as we`re currently seeking to improve the site for all levels of coach and teachers.

It`s a little way off, but we`re hoping to roll out a vocab/glossary option per sport, in addition to some other major improvements to the site in the coming weeks and months.

Gary ThompsonCoach, England

hi Ejaz.

Great question.

I make a point of using the jargon that England Hockey deliver because my juniors and seniors will encounter it at some stage and there's not much point getting lost in the terminology, on top of having to learn the actual game!

It doesn't help either that different countries use different terms too e.g. poke in AUS for a jab tackle.

Anyway, I can try to help you but might struggle on one or two terms myself.

If Sportplan's glossary is a little way off, I'm sure we could create something inpromptu here.



Ejaz SyedCoach, United States of America

Why not lead us Gary.

Gary ThompsonCoach, England

lol. ok.

Only problem is that we kinda need to assemble a list, which we will undoubtedly want amend and edit... and I'm not sure whether one can do that on these Q&A threads...

Gary ThompsonCoach, England

how about we assemble a list with definitions here... then post the completed, final draft on a separate thread?

Would you like to start the list off - my mind's has gone a little blank?

Also, I guess we need to decide how encompassing the list will be. For example, do include literally everything (i.e. pushpass) or just the more cryptic stuff like "jump-back", "chop and block", etc?

I'd like this to be a collaborative effort too, since I might not know some stuff or necessarily be 100% accurate with my definitions.


Sportplan TeamAdministrator, United Kingdom

Gary, Ejaz,

We think this discussion is a great idea and we will ask some of our top coaches to contribute too. Then we will summarise them all and post them here as a PDF for all to download.

Plus, hopefully by the end of the week, or early next, we will have a major update to answers live, making short comments on answers much easier, hopefully making discussion much easier and the update will also allow a coach to choose an accepted answer to close a thread.

regards, Sportplan

Gary ThompsonCoach, England

so we should start things rolling and Sportplan will kinda finalise? Or do we just leave it to you?

It would be good for community coaches to chip in because it will create an international flavour and I also think coaching practices, emphases, jargon unique to a given country, will get profiled, which can only benefit the whole hockey community.

As a crude example, I recently picked up this acronym from England Hockey via a fellow coach:

P.A.L.M.2. = general defensive strategy guide = Progressive Aggressive Low Mobile 2 (hands on stick)

Really nice thing, which would work in a glossary I reckon, but all coaches could make use of too.


Ejaz SyedCoach, United States of America

The terms in FIH rule book are intended for offical sand palyers in a game setting. But there i more during a play, like your example Gary.

I concur, it is a development, gather it here as a collaborative volunteers. Then later make is Sportplan thing. For now calling it:

Tenative glossary of field hockey
by Gary and coaches

pushpass: a player using short-handle grip for moving the ball along the ground

forehand: a player using its right hand side for moving the ball


chop and block:




D: aka striking circle at 15 meter (16-yard) at the goal

center pass: a pass from the center of the pitch to start the play

jab (aka poke): player using left-hand grip to poke at the ball in opponent`s possession


Gary ThompsonCoach, England

cool. Good start.

I must admit that I Googled "field hockey glossary" and even the first entry seems like it has loads in it.

Maybe, assuming there's no copyright stuff to consider, grab an existing glossary and amend / edit / delete, as necessary?

Ejaz SyedCoach, United States of America

Research is a good thing Gary.
Include source and credits as needed.
I will do the same.

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