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The new Sportplan App allows you to access over 15,000 drills and tried and tested plans without having to log onto a computer. Find ideas, save basic plans or you can even accessed shared plans, files and videos in your schools SportsHub.

All videos viewed whilst on wifi are kept in the App so they are available later, if you are away from wifi or have a poor signal.

Use the search tool to quickly find solutions to coaching problems or quick teaching ideas.

You can try it for free and if your school has a Sportplan School Licence all teachers can have instant unlimited access.

The latest update to the Sportplan mobile app brings some huge updates:

  • Support for Sportplan's new streaming Video - including offline storage
  • Full support for shared SportsHub Resource
  • Watch once on wifi - keep forever - all video and animations saved so you don't pay extra for data and can see them when offline
  • Browse community drills direct from the App.

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  • search our library of sports drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
  • or access our tried and tested plans

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