Lacrosse Drill Demonstration


Pupils are asked to get into a horseshoe shape so that the teacher can observe everyone. Standing still pupils pick up their stick from the floor in the 'V' grip. Then holding on with their bottom hand move the stick vertically from the left to right side. Explain that they need to imagine they have a large tummy and they have to move their bottom arm around this stomach from hip to hip. Pupils do not need a ball at this time. The teacher will walk around altering the cradle technique.

With the V grip at the front, move from left to right.

There is a rhyme that you can use when learning the cradle, and every time you use the word "left", you step forward onto your left foot.

"Left, left, I had a good job and I left. I left because I knew it was right. Left, right, left."

Coaching points

The pupils should learn the march and the rhyme that goes with it. This helps pupils to understand that the stick moves to the same side as the leg when you are walking/jogging and running.

(Everytime you say left you must put your left foot forward and bring your stick to the left side. Same goes for the right side.)

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